The Green Window Alternative


The innovative Winsulator Green Alternative Retrofit Window is proven to enhance your existing windows to achieve superior energy efficiency when window replacement is impractical or too costly. The Winsulator is a virtually invisible magnetically sealed interior mounted window attachment that doesn't affect the outside appearance of the structure. Dramatically reduces energy loss, air infiltration, noise, and harmful UV rays.


  • Tested by NASA (The Technological Research and Development Authority and Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program)
  • Installed in the Kennedy Space Center
  • The Winsulator has been utilized as an integral component of Alternative and Sustainable Energy Conservation Measures
  • Qualifies for Energy Efficiency Community Block Grants under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  • Awarded by the Rebuild America Green Building Council
  • Implemented in renovation projects to attain LEED Certification
  • Specified by architects for New Build construction and historic structures
  • Installed in countless historic homes, businesses, government buildings, schools, condos, and hotels throughout the country


  • Dramatically enhance the energy efficiency of existing windows without affecting the interior or exterior aesthetics of the structure, thus saving energy and prolonging the working life of expensive heating and cooling systems. Historic and commercial window replacement can be more costly and not as efficient.
  • Eliminate drafts, increasing energy efficiency, while also improving indoor air quality by preventing humidity, dust, pollen, allergens, vehicle exhaust and other contaminants from infiltrating into the structure, thus creating a better living and working environment for occupants with a sensitivity to such irritants
  • Allow better utilization of natural daylight, which can be crucial for mood and productivity, without the increased heat load
  • Reduce exterior noise by up to 60%. Noise abatement eliminates distractions and aids in concentration, focus, increased productivity and better sleep
  • Control condensation that may cause moisture damage and potential mold issues which can affect occupants with respiratory issues
  • Significantly reduce harmful U.V. rays and protects furnishings, window treatments and flooring from fading, without the dark tinting of typical high efficiency replacement window glazing. Blocks out all ultra-violet radiation below 380 nanometers.
  • Winsulator Acrylic Safety Glazing is lightweight, yet 17 times stronger than glass.
  • Can be manufactured to accommodate any size or shape window, door, skylight or fireplace
  • Meet Federal Blast Mitigation Code requirements